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  • The communes
The territory forming the Pays Loire Val d'Aubois has been stable since 1997. The Mixed Syndicate consists of 50 municipalities which have gradually gathered on the basis of a partnership providing in particular :
  • To organize, in common, all the reflections, to carry out or have carried out all the studies necessary for the elaboration of economic, social and cultural development programs of the Pays Loire Val d'Aubois;
  • To undertake all the necessary actions within the framework of this plan;
  • To seek and promote communication, inter-communal solidarity;
  • To offer through the channel of collective action and the synergy it creates, genuine moral and technical assistance from the most important, better structured and favored municipalities towards the smallest and least favored communes ...
  • Community of communes

With the strengthening of the laws on intermunicipal co-operation, communities of communes are increasingly intended to be the owners of numerous projects with a structural vocation decided on the scale of the Pays Loire Val d'Aubois, Territorial development, economic development of environmental protection, etc. The municipalities have also transferred to the intercommunal authorities important services for the reception of childhood and youth for example.

To remain a lightweight organization, refocused on study and animation missions, Pays Loire Val d'Aubois will necessarily need to rely in the coming years on the intermunicipal groupings with own taxation which now mesh its territory, since The adoption in December 2011 of the departmental plan for inter-municipal co-operation. Communes, communities of communes and countries ultimately form a useful organization for the development of rural territories.

  • The Departmental Council of Cher

It is a historical partner of the mixed union of the Pays Loire Val d'Aubois. It supports the joint trade union, municipalities and groups of communes in their local development project.

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