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Cycling tourism

Cycling tourism

The Loire by bicycle constitutes a big inter-regional project which starts on the Pays Loire Val d' Aubois, more exactly on the municipality of Cuffy who welcomes the zero point of the course.

From 1995 when Centre regions and Pays de la Loire imagined to create a véloroute along the Loire (on the example of the " Danube by bicycle ") capable of becoming one of the first destinations bike in Europe even though the Loire valley has one very large number of positive tourist arguments for a cycle project among which:

  • An acquired international tourist fame and strengthened by the label of membership in the UNESCO world heritage 
  • The leadership of the destination bike in France 
  • A gastronomy and renowned vineyards 
  • A valued and protected nature 
  • An appropriate climate

The route the Loire by bicycle relaying on simple principles :

  • The family practice of the bike to affect the most consumer (a family with 7-year-old children)
  • A secure and quality development, having most of the time a cover it hard, an access to the facilitated route (in particular since stations) and of services for the comfort of the users and the tourist and economic valuation of the infrastructure.
  • A maximal environmental and patrimonial integration with an arrangement(development) becoming integrated into the natural environment and limiting the disturbances.
  • A sustainable tourist development project with a very clear expectation of return on investment.

Gradually opened to the traffic, the plan of the Loire by bicycle follows at the same time paths in minor bed, levyings of the river even small roads and urban ways. The complete map of the course is accessible since the dedicated site : establishes a precise inventory of the present services in the close environment of the cycle route.

Also consult the site Berryprovince :

Five circuits by bicycle to discover the Pays Loire Val d'Aubois

The cycle buckles borrow small secondary roads and sections fitted out of the véloroute "The Loire by bicycle". They are quite connected the some with the others.
Every loop proposes a different theme by allowing you to go back up the history and to appreciate sites and met monuments, the crossed landscapes. This evocation approaches as well the Middle Ages as the industrial revolution, the demarcation line and the local architecture as well as the certain famous characters. 
To you to choose your loop according to your expectations and your desire to pedal within the framework of an exit in the half-day or the day.

Download the topographical guide of every cycle buckle :

  • Cycle route 6 - 35 km from Sancergues
  • Cycle route 7 - 30 km from Guerche on Aubois 
  • Cycle route 8 - 18 km from Guerche on Aubois 
  • Cycle route 9 - 31 km from Sancoins
  • Cycle route 10 - 56 km from Cuffy 

More than 4 000 km of qualified and marked out cycle routes exist in Region Centre-Val of the Loire. The web site to presents all the plans by means of a dynamic mapping enriched by all the tourist information, among which the professionals " Reception bike ", to prepare its stroll or its stay by bicycle in our region.

Cinq circuits à vélo pour découvrir le Pays Loire Val d’Aubois

Les boucles cyclables empruntent de petites routes départementales et les tronçons aménagés de la véloroute « La Loire à vélo ». Elles sont toutes connectées les unes avec les autres.
Chaque boucle propose une thématique différente en vous permettant de remonter l’histoire et d’apprécier les sites et monuments rencontrés, les paysages traversés. Cette évocation aborde aussi bien le Moyen Age que la révolution industrielle, la ligne de démarcation et l’architecture locale ainsi que certains personnages célèbres. 
A vous de choisir votre boucle selon vos attentes et votre envie de pédaler dans le cadre d’une sortie à la demi-journée ou la journée.

Téléchargez le topoguide de chaque boucle cyclable :

  • Boucle 6 – Dans la roue d'Albert Bourlon - 35 km au départ de Sancergues
  • Boucle 7 – Les Cisterciens aux sources de l’industrie - 30 km au départ de La Guerche sur l’Aubois 
  • Boucle 8 – La petite vadrouille - 18 km au départ de La Guerche sur l’Aubois 
  • Boucle 9 – Les trésors cachés du bocage - 31 km au départ de Sancoins
  • Boucle 10 – L'échappée belle, entre Loire, Aubois et Allier - 56 km au départ de Cuffy 

Accueil vélo et loueurs de vélo

Amis cyclistes, cette marque nationale vous garantit un accueil et des services de qualité à « La Tuilerie » à la Guerche-sur-l’Aubois et au Vélo-camping à Beffes.

Vous souhaitez savoir où louer votre vélo ? Téléchargez la plaquette ci-dessous

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Consultez également le site Berryprovince :
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