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Country Contract

Country Contract

Regional Contract of Territorial Solidarity

This is the 4th generation of country contracts implemented with the support of the Center-Val de Loire Regional Council.

This investment assistance program, which runs for the 2016-2020 period, is based around the following main themes:

  • Employment and economy: Very Broadband, business areas, business real estate, insertion through economic activity, tourism, agriculture
  • Social well-being: health, services for children, local shops, cultural facilities, sports activities
  • The urban and rural network: housing, transport, village hearts, urban public spaces.
  • Biodiversity: green and blue weave, alternative management of public spaces, domestic biodiversity, agricultural equipment allowing practices favorable to biodiversity and water
  • The National Energy and Climate Plan: regional isolation plan for public and associative buildings, Wood Energy sector (from production to distribution)

The Pays Loire Val d'Aubois CRST, signed on October 08, 2016, is endowed with € 5,683,000.

If you have a project do not hesitate to contact us on 02 48 74 74 61.

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To your IDs

In rural areas, with the A A vos ID system, the Center-Val de Loire Region supports collective projects led by the inhabitants, bringing together local, private and public actors who contribute to employment, activity, development of services, valorization of resources and heritage, local animation ...

Especially encouraged are initiatives related to:

  • Emergence and structuring of local economic dynamics
  • Experimentation for the maintenance and development of services
  • Building cities and sustainable campaigns to reduce the ecological footprint
  • Structuring of sectors and territorial food systems
  • Renewal of the forms of expression of the population

If you have an idea even vague yet do not hesitate to submit it to help you to emerge and structure it.

If you wish to be accompanied on a specific project, do not hesitate to meet us to develop your financing file.

Contact on 02 48 74 74 61.

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